Our proven approach emphasizes each exam’s structure, style, and substance, focusing on helping each individual develop a masterful strategy for test day. Students typically see their scores skyrocket across the board. We offer different package plans for different needs. Contact us for detailed information.

Customized Coursework

  • MAP administers a Diagnostic Test under actual test conditions
  • MAP analyzes your strengths, weaknesses, and patterns of test results
  • MAP designs a program specifically tailored to your specific needs and stated goals

Students often complain that they feel lost and ignored in big classes that lump together individuals with different capabilities. The embarrassment of slowing down the class and the frustration of having to go too slowly for others are a waste of your time and investment. Rather than fit a student into a pre-existing category like big firms do, MAP takes the time to view every test-taker as a unique individual, building a customized program around each student.

Personalized Attention

  • MAP offers proven expertise, loyalty, and commitment
  • MAP has a vested interest in your success
  • MAP provides a comfortable environment in which you can excel

Most tutors with big companies shuffle through the revolving employment door every few months. Their loyalty is not to these companies, and that means their commitment to you is minimal. They have nothing to benefit from developing a long-term relationship with you and thus have no incentive to ensure you succeed with your work. Not so with MAP. Our tutors are profoundly devoted to each student’s success and we take as much pride in a student’s work as we would take in our own. Our dedication is, in a word, personal.

Proactive Teamwork

  • MAP tutors are all on the same page
  • MAP is flexible with your schedule
  • MAP keeps parents informed of progress

The specialist tutors for any given exam (eg, SAT, SAT IIs, ACT, etc) communicate with one another regarding each student. For example, the ACT/SAT tutor will talk to the Chem tutor, ensuring that each tutor is aware of any given student’s learning styles and weaknesses. The specialists share the same vision and continually provide useful feedback in order to make the most of the student’s experience. The result is a team of professionals coordinating their efforts so you can achieve all your goals.