Our Services

Our Services

With MAP, you’ve found your comprehensive educational tutoring experience. We can guide you through any academic subject, every type of test prep, and ultimately the admissions process. No need for you to have one company that helps with classwork for any school assignment, another that covers the SAT/ACT, and yet one more that handles college essays and applications. Through our unified approach, we’ll get to know you and your needs extremely well and be able to provide the smoothest and most successful experience possible.


Overwhelmed by the admissions process? Not sure how high schools, colleges, or grad schools make their admissions decisions or how strategically positioning yourself will greatly increase your odds of acceptance? Lost with where to even start? MAP will demystify what’s involved and simplify what you need to do. And dare we say, we’ll make it exciting. After all, you’re not applying to prison — you’re applying for admission somewhere you really want to attend. So let us help you make that happen.

Test Preparation

MAP has built a powerful reputation for driving test scores to extraordinarily high levels, and for doing so without the anxiety or stress that are usually associated with test prep. Our approach involves treating students like human beings who have emotions and feelings — that’s actually the best way to generate meaningful results. And we don’t simply tutor these tests in a vacuum but rather teach students how to think and work smarter so that their test-taking skills translate to school and, more generally, to the way they make decisions in life.

Academic Tutoring

Have a particular exam you need to ace? Or perhaps struggle with an entire course? Whether you need a bit of insurance to guarantee you get the grade you want, or require more consistent support through a frustrating class, MAP will guide the way.