Our Philosophy

The Spirit of MAP

Our entire team of tutors shares the core company commitment to honoring the integrity and potential of the student, helping each individual fully cultivate his or her voice and talents. Excellence and achievement can go together with fun. In fact, the latter usually makes the former possible. Half in jest, we considered for our company motto, “Reducing anxiety since 2000.” We do believe that having fun while we’re learning is a big part of the magic formula for achievement, success, and personal satisfaction, so get ready for a different kind of educational environment with us.

The Human Connection

Though MAP has expanded substantially over the last few years, we have not outgrown our roots. We have maintained the personalized commitment to families that has allowed us to thrive in a market with so many tutoring options. Students today frequently feel overwhelmed by school responsibilities and intense pressures, and parents are often paralyzed by the challenging decisions they need to make regarding their children’s educational experiences. That’s why MAP infuses the tutoring experience with a strong dose of humanity that, we believe, is the entire point of education. With this approach as our foundation, MAP students cultivate greater self-confidence, independence, critical thinking skills, and intellectual hunger.

Students are People, Too

MAP exists as the student’s champion. Our tutors provide intellectual expertise, clear structure, and emotional support, blending masterful academic guidance with genuine personal compassion. Daniel Stern’s vision from the day he started Metro Academic Prep was that MAP would offer something beyond mere tutoring. In fact, many parents and students describe MAP tutors more as mentors, as we often maintain communication long after the exam has been aced and the acceptance letter has been opened. The goal is to help students attain their absolute top results; the path to that goal entails viewing them as more than just study machines.

Now There’s One Smart Tutor

With this humanistic framework as the starting point, it is imperative to then have intellectual professionals providing the academic insight. Finding the right tutor is similar to seeking out the right medical specialist, as your education demands the same attention as your health. (A doctor helps give you life, while we’ll help give you something to live for.) If you need help with math, find yourself a math pro. For work on your English skills, find an English expert. One tutor handling a variety of subjects and tests is not likely to be equally qualified in all areas. Do you want a good tutor who covers it all, or a masterfully skilled tutor for each individual academic subject? With MAP, you get the masters, all under one roof. This ensures that you receive the premier level of expertise in each area of need.

Convenience is King

MAP understands the chaotic schedule students keep these days. We thus typically work with many of our students via Zoom — often exclusively, never meeting in-person — and have done so well before the pandemic. It’s not only way more convenient for our students but it also generates far superior results for a multitude of reasons. That said, there are some situations in which meeting in-person benefits the student. We’ll figure out the best approach together.

Our convenience extends to parents, too, who gain access to MAP experts equipped with immediate responses to any questions you may have: What is the difference between the SAT and ACT? What AP Exams should my child take? How do I register? How does my child make the best use of her summer? What’s the best way to strategically position our child so that he has the best admissions odds? MAP will field these and any other questions you want answered without any delay or hassle.