Overwhelmed by the admissions process? Not sure how high schools, colleges, or grad schools make their admissions decisions or how strategically positioning yourself will greatly increase your odds of acceptance? Lost with where to even start? MAP will demystify what’s involved and simplify what you need to do. And dare we say, we’ll make it exciting. After all, you’re not applying to prison — you’re applying for admission somewhere you really want to attend. So let us help you make that happen.

Admissions Strategy

Writing some great essays or simply putting your best foot forward and hoping that’s enough to get accepted to your top-choice colleges is a recipe for disaster. You need a compelling strategy that plays up your strengths based on your transcript, test scores, teacher recommendations, activities, and unique experiences and outlook on life. This is the difference between getting rejected and getting accepted. Your essays and applications must exist within a meaningful context, a powerful hook, and MAP admissions specialists are masters at helping students craft this.

MAP will:

  • Design your strategy based on an extensive personal intake
  • Identify sensational ideas for your college essays
  • Build your Activities Sheet/Resume

The Definitive College Essay Expertise

As the founder of the internationally acclaimed website College Essay Organizer (used each year by tens of thousands of applicants, hundreds of educational consultants, and top high schools throughout the world), Dan Stern is one of the industry’s leading voices on the college essay process. MAP’s unique approach not only helps students produce winning application essays but also enables applicants to see their lives in ways they may not have yet considered. It is an inspiring and revelatory experience, and we are honored to be a part of it. And it’s nice to help students write their way into the colleges of their dreams.

MAP will:

  • Organize all your college essay requirements and devise a personalized essay writing plan
  • Sift through your personal intake for common themes and innovative essay concepts that transcend the cliché and grab the admissions board’s attention
  • Edit back and forth with you, as many times as needed, providing detailed feedback and making certain changes to enhance your own voice until you have perfectly polished prose ready to be submitted

Application Choreography

Perhaps the hardest part of the college application process, as is often the case in life, is just getting started. MAP’s vast experience will bring clarity and simplicity to an otherwise daunting undertaking. Your application’s presentation is a reflection of you. You want to make sure it is a shining example.

MAP will:

  • Guide you through the Common App forms, Supplement forms, and non-Common App application forms
  • Edit your Common Application and School Supplements online to ensure each word is in its right place and you present yourself in the absolute best light
  • Keep track of deadlines so you submit everything on time

Graduate school is as much about development as it is about reinvention. Whether you’re applying to business school, law school, or any graduate program, we can help you craft a powerful admissions strategy that plays up your strengths in the most compelling way possible. MAP’s approach to graduate school admissions goes beyond well-written essays and test scores to help you integrate your resume and your personality. By relating your transcript, test scores, and recommendations to your interests and future goals, we’ll help you give your schools a crystal-clear sense of who you are and who you want to become.

MAP will:

  • Design your strategy based on a detailed consultation
  • Tutor you for any standardized test (GMAT, GRE, LSAT)
  • Develop specific, inventive topics for your application essays
  • Target your resume and activities list to your top-choice program
  • Prep you to ace your interviews

High school admissions can be a stressful experience if you don’t have a clear guide to map out your steps. With a student so young, the parents are often left to do all the work on their own. MAP can guide you through the entire high school admissions process, including test prep (ISEE, SSAT, HSPT, SHSAT, etc), the application forms, essays, interviewing, and most importantly, strategy.

There is a big difference between a good essay and a good admissions essay. There is an even bigger difference between a good admissions essay and an exceptional one. MAP will help make that difference.

Good Essay Topics
Bad Essay Topics
Writing Do’s
Writing Don’ts
The Doh’s (Essays Gone Wrong)