Tutoring and educational consulting produce superb results, but this does not occur magically. These results depend on the student’s ability and willingness to follow his or her tutor’s guidance. If a student is not doing the work assigned, the student’s parents will be notified and necessary changes will be made. Student performance is not assured and successful results cannot be guaranteed, although student success and improvement have been overwhelming; references are available upon request.

If a student is not satisfied with a particular tutor, please submit a request for a new tutor. Due to the personal dynamic involved, chemistry relies on the particular student and tutor. Therefore, please communicate your feedback regarding your tutor early on so any necessary modifications can be made.

Practice exams are administered according to MAP’s schedule. Rescheduling for missed exams is not guaranteed.

If a client has purchased a package plan but chooses not to continue with the program, a pro-rated refund will be granted according to the standard hourly rate; a two-session hourly charge will be applied, since package plan commitments are aimed at locking in tutors long-term, preventing them from working with other potential clients.

Hourly rates may be subject to change; clients will be consulted four weeks prior to any rate changes.

Cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance of a tutoring session or full charges for the missed session apply.

Payment is due within two weeks of receipt of invoice. Late fees for delayed payment are charged as one billed hour. An additional billed hour is charged every 7 days that payment is further delayed.

Metro Academic Prep is a division of Golden Pacific Education.