School Partnerships

School Partnerships

Metro Academic Prep partners with private schools, boarding schools, and specialized high schools locally in NYC and throughout the world, providing diagnostic SAT/ACT testing, academic tutoring, and College Essay Organizer accounts for their students.

College Essay Organizer

Metro Academic Prep provides College Essay Organizer accounts to school partners in order to streamline the college essay process for students.

Technology plays a key role in how we operate, and College Essay Organizer is an outgrowth of that. We rely on the best tools on the market to take our tutoring and test prep services to the next level, and when no such solution exists, we create it ourselves.

Nine years ago, in fact, Dan Stern founded College Essay Organizer. It went on to become an internationally-acclaimed website and has been used by top high schools, leading independent consultants, and countless students and parents throughout the world, forever transforming the college application process. And we’re happy to now provide it to our partners to enhance performance at their schools.

Diagnostic SAT/ACT Testing

Metro Academic Prep provides diagnostic SAT and ACT testing for sophomores along with a detailed assessment of performance and a suggested plan for moving forward.

While other tutoring companies simply administer tests and then hand over the results to students, we take diagnostic testing a big step further. Most families have absolutely no idea how to make sense of their SAT/ACT results. If anything, they typically just look at the overall scores and then Google a comparison chart to see which test they did better on. That’s a terribly misguided way to go about this major decision, and is one of the main reasons students underperform on their tests.

Our approach is different: After administering the diagnostic tests, we personally meet with each student at school for 15 minutes to discuss their results, going through a granular breakdown, learning how that student might position him/herself as an applicant, and writing up a customized report that includes a personalized analysis, timeline, and test prep strategy. This way the students are taking into account a multitude of other factors when comparing their results. For instance, there are many students who score a bit higher on the SAT compared to the ACT, but that does not necessarily mean they are better suited for the SAT.

Let us transform the way you and your students approach standardized testing. You’ll be amazed by the results.

Tutoring Resource

Metro Academic Prep works with high schools to provide top-quality academic and test prep tutoring for their students. We serve as an enriching supplement to the support they receive in school. And since we work with only a select number of students each semester, we can maintain our highly personalized approach. That’s why we consistenly generate sensational results for all our students.