My parents are unfortunately still married and never trapped me in the middle of a painful divorce. I also regret to confess that I’ve never received any late-night call alerting me to the death of a loved one, as all my friends and relatives are still going strong. And the one pet of my life, my dog Roxie, who at this moment is nibbling at my ankle, has yet to be hit by a car and strip away my innocence. My life, I’m afraid to say, has been relatively stable, and so I don’t have any shocking or dramatic stories that make me seem more appealing as an applicant.

Quite sincerely though, I have always appreciated my general good fortune, and have thus taken the opportunity to give back to others who are not so lucky. It is, after all, often a matter of luck the way our lives unfold, and I believe strongly in supporting those who are forced to endure difficult circumstances.

I have been actively involved in the City of Hope Cancer Research Foundation, which supports people with cancer. I serve as the President of the Teens for Hope chapter at my school, helping to raise money with the Hope bracelets and working at the various fundraisers and events. My community service has also included my work with the Elizabeth Glazer Pediatric AIDS Foundation, where for the past four years I have helped at various organization events. These activities provide me with a sense of purpose and I have been moved and inspired by the will of those I help.

I hope that through my small community service acts I am aiding those who need it most, and plan on continuing and expanding my efforts at college.

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