This essay was written by a student from New York City. It was written during a particularly bitter Yankees/Red Sox playoff series before Boston went on to win the World Series. It is important to know that prior to their victory, Boston fans did not care to be taunted about the supposed Curse of the Bambino, much less from a New Yorker. This was a risky call, but one that paid off.

For the last 86 years, no Levine, not a single member of my family, has been accepted to Boston University. We all hail from New York City, dozens of us, hundreds maybe, and each year one of us inevitably fails to get in. I believe that this year, with this Levine, that 86-year streak is about to end. The curse will finally be over!

I have always been captivated by the city of Boston and its rich academic tradition. There will be many possibilities to intern and gain experience in my field of interest, special education, as there are so many schools and institutes in the area. In addition, as a native New Yorker, I have grown to appreciate the city life. While Boston has a much different character than Manhattan, its urban nature is very appealing.

In terms of the school itself, Boston University’s student newspaper, B.U. Bridge, portrays a vocal, stimulating campus. From its passionate editorials on school issues to feature stories on national events, the paper reveals the same type of connected community that I have fostered in my own small school.

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