About Us

MAP’s Dedication and Personal Commitment

A tutoring company is only as good as the tutors who compose it. MAP tutors have been meticulously selected based on their academic achievements, professional experience, personal skills, and, most importantly, their ability to elevate students’ scores and skills to their highest levels.

Daniel Stern, Founder and CEO

For nearly 20 years, Daniel has guided high school, college, and graduate students through admissions, standardized test prep, writing skills, academic support, and executive functioning skill-building. During this time he has also written for several of the nation’s top media outlets, including the New York Times, US News & World Report, the Washington Post, and the Discovery Channel. He has covered a wide range of topics from science to pop culture to education, spanning feature articles, book reviews, essays, short stories, and news reports. Since 2002, he has taught creative writing, literature, poetry, and publishing courses at various institutions.

With a dual-major in Journalism and Philosophy (with a concentration in epistemology of science and quantum physics), and a minor in Poli Sci, Daniel graduated Magna Cum Laude from George Washington University. He received the Presidential Academic Scholarship for attaining Summa Cum Laude for six consecutive semesters and was awarded Special Honors in Journalism. Currently, he is a member of the venerable New York Authors Guild and the New York Writers Workshop, and recently attended the summer residency program for artists at the esteemed Vermont Studio Center.

In 2008, Daniel founded the internationally acclaimed web technology College Essay Organizer, which is now privately integrated as a student solution and has been used by tens of thousands of applicants worldwide, hundreds of leading educational consultants, and some of the most elite high schools in the country. Daniel has since become one of the nation’s foremost public speakers on the college essay and application process.

In 2013, Daniel and his wife established the Stern Keshet Fund as part of the Hassenfeld Children’s Center for Cancer & Blood Disorders at NYU, through which they donate, fund-raise, and volunteer MAP’s tutoring services for Hassenfeld teens currently going through treatment. Their philosophy: It’s all about helping kids who can barely imagine tomorrow see clearly that there is a bright future waiting for them when they return to health.

He is married and has two young sons.

Stephanie M. Morris, Director of Operations and College Placement Counselor

Born and raised in New York City, Stephanie attended the Horace Mann School and went on to earn her BA with Honors from Columbia University with a major in Psychology and a minor in Eastern Religion. After college, her passion for yoga and rock climbing, along with her French and Russian roots, inspired her to travel to over 40 countries, landing her in India where she completed her advanced yoga teacher training and spent 10 years founding and directing yoga centers in New York and India.

She joined Metro Academic Prep in 2009, and continues to apply her experience in business to oversee the company’s operations and make sure its processes are on the cutting edge. Her vast knowledge of colleges, experience managing College Essay Organizer, membership with the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA), and background in teaching meditation and yoga allow her to help students find their dream colleges without all the stress.

When not guiding students or researching the latest college admissions news, you can find her sweating it out in a hot yoga class, scaling the local climbing wall with her two daughters, or whipping together her latest raw food creation.

MAP's Tutors

MAP’s dynamic tutors have earned bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees from the top universities in their areas of expertise. Just as important, they know how to connect well with students of different personalities and unique interests. Below are some of our featured tutors.

Abby Deutsch

A native New Yorker, Abby graduated from Stuyvesant High School and went on to Yale University, where she earned a BA in English. After finishing college, she spent a year teaching in a French town so small even its residents had barely heard of it. Since her return to the States, Abby has published essays and reviews in a variety of publications, including the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. She received an MA in arts writing from Columbia University’s School of Journalism and has won awards for her poetry and criticism. Abby guides students through college admissions, French, writing, organizational and study skills, and various academic subjects.

Abigail Ellman

In her seven years of experience as an educator, Abigail has taught piano to preschoolers, math to teenagers, and ESL to grandmothers, and she still relishes that moment when a student “gets it.” After graduating from Yale with a BA in Music and a teaching certification, she set off to hone her Spanish skills among the avocado vendors of Caracas. She then returned to the US and used Spanish in her daily work, notably as an elite tutor. In her personal time, Abigail enjoys cooking vegetarian feasts and riding her bicycle year-round.

Andrew Brotzman

Andrew is a Columbia University graduate with a BA in Computer Science. He was formally trained as a tutor by The Princeton Review in 2001, has taught both classes and one-on-one programs, and in 2005 wrote a book on the then-New SAT for use in a class whose curriculum he designed. He has also worked in independent film for over a decade and earned an MFA in film directing from Columbia. His first short film, entitled My Mom And Dad, won best short in its category at the 2006 Slamdance Film Festival. As the head of MAP’s test prep division, Andrew specializes in the ACT, SAT, SAT Subjects Tests in Math (Levels 1 and 2) and Literature, ISEE, and SSAT, and his areas of expertise include college admissions, English composition, and advanced calculus.

Ashley Wellington

Ashley graduated from Princeton University with a degree in English Literature. She also earned a certificate in Creative Writing for putting together a collection of original work, and was the recipient of the Theodore Weiss Creative Writing award. She then moved to Scotland for a year and earned an M.Litt with Distinction in English from the University of St. Andrews. Upon her return, Ashley moved to NYC and spent a year thinking she wanted to pursue a career in advertising. Eventually, though, she found her way back to the things she truly loves: teaching and writing. She tutors a wide range of academic subjects, as well as the SAT, ACT, and the SAT Subject Test in Literature. When she’s not trying to finish her novel, she enjoys backpacking, doing crossword puzzles, and playing with her puppy, Nancy Drew.

Ben Muller

Ben was born and raised in Los Angeles, but came east for college to try out cold weather. He graduated with a BA in history from Yale, and thought he was going to be a lawyer. After working at a law firm and a charter school, he decided he’d rather be a doctor, so he completed a postbac premed at Columbia University and is now a medical student at Columbia. Fortunately, it turns out he really likes science. When not thinking about cells, atoms, or photons, Ben can be found cooking, playing ultimate frisbee, or doing origami. He tutors the SAT, SAT Subjects Tests (Math, Bio, Chem, Physics, History, and Lit), and various academic subjects.

Bill Gerrard

Bill has a BA in Literature and an MFA in Film Directing from Columbia University, where he ran a weekly discussion section on film theory for undergraduates. As a New York-based filmmaker, he has written numerous award-winning short films and feature screenplays. Bill tutors the ACT, SAT, SAT Subject Tests in US History and World History, various academic subjects, and college admissions.

Cat Pierro

A philosophy major with a penchant for idealism, Cat may still believe in a lot of things, but no way does she believe in the “bad test-taker.” She’s been expertly guiding students through the SAT, ACT, SAT Subject Tests (French, Math, and Literature), ISEE, SSAT, SHSAT, LSAT, GRE, college essays, and a host of academic fields ever since she graduated from Grinnell College. For Cat, whether she’s helping someone with learning issues or someone aiming for a perfect score, watching students unleash their inner test-taker is a sublime experience, much like perusing book collections, playing every musical instrument she can get her hands on, and taking meticulous care of a fish tank that doesn’t have any fish in it.

Diana Stern

Some people love the arts. Some love science. Diana excels at both. She has loved the theater since she was little, and has performed in countless plays and ballets. She went to Hamilton College, where she double-majored in Theater and Government. After college, her plan was to continue pursuing the performing arts but, inspired by her friend’s recovery from a traumatic car accident, she took a year-long volunteer position in Bellevue Hospital’s ER and realized she wanted to be a physician. She completed the Columbia Postbac Program, conducted oncology research at Memorial Sloan Kettering and Cornell University, and is a medical student at Columbia University. Diana tutors Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

Eleanor Griffith

Eleanor has been speaking French for over 10 years, since spending her junior year of high school in France, where she attended a lycée and learned the language through rather painful but very effective immersion. She received a BA in English from St. Olaf College, where she added Spanish to her linguistic arsenal. In New York, she has taught English at the International Center, worked in the foreign rights department for a literary agency, and served as editor and publications manager at the French Government Tourist Office. In addition to having lived in France, she has traveled to Argentina, Mexico, and Costa Rica, cultivating her French and Spanish passions, which have served her well as a French and Spanish tutor; she also tutors the SAT and ACT verbal sections. Her hairstyle, like her language of choice, has a tendency to change frequently.

Eleanor Hayes-Larson

Eleanor Hayes-Larson graduated from Yale University with a BS in chemistry and an MPH in the Epidemiology of Microbial Disease. Now a PhD student at Columbia University, she is a predoctoral fellow in the Psychiatric Epidemiology training program and studies the intersection of depression and the HIV epidemic. She loves sharing her enthusiasm for science with students, and teaching is a highlight of any semester. In her free time, she loves traveling to new places (recent favorites are Japan and India!), hiking/camping, and trying new foods. She tutors chemistry, biology, math, ISEE, and SSAT.

Jeannie Donohoe

Originally from Boston, Jeannie Donohoe is an award-winning screenwriter and director based in Los Angeles. She earned her BA with honors from Dartmouth College, MFA with honors in writing and directing from Columbia University, and MS in education from City University of New York. While studying film at Columbia, she was the teaching assistant of legendary film critic Andrew Sarris and led writing courses in film history, theory, and criticism. Prior to becoming a filmmaker, Jeannie taught middle school in the South Bronx through Teach for America, then worked in public school reform at New Visions for Public Schools. In addition to her 20 years of teaching experience, Jeannie has written and edited a wide range of materials, from ELA and test prep textbooks to audio books and screenplays. She teaches writing and study skills. Her passion for the arts is tied to her love of travel – both spark her curiosity about new perspectives, landscapes, and cultures.

Jorge Lugo

Jorge recently graduated from MIT with a degree in physics, having conducted research in astronomy, quantum mechanics, and other topics. There, he tutored his peers in math, physics, and other subjects, while discovering a passion for visual art and photography, to which he still tends. When he’s not teaching, you can usually find him playing with 3D modeling, exploring new music, and searching for great food around NYC. Jorge tutors all levels of mathematics, physics, and chemistry.

Melinda Ball

Born and raised in Tennessee, Melinda landed in NYC twelve years ago after spending four years in Europe working in the fashion industry. Here, she graduated summa cum laude with a BA in psychology with a premedical curriculum, and was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa. Before attending medical school, Melinda was a TA for the Biology department for a year, and was known for her ability to take complex information and break it down so that anyone could understand it. She attended medical school at NYIT-COM and graduated with the academic honor Psi Sigma Alpha. After completing her intern year in surgery at Montefiore Medical Center, she transitioned to anesthesiology at Rutgers University. In her spare time, Melinda is an avid spinning enthusiast and is always looking for new music or a live show to attend if she isn’t looking for a new restaurant to check out. She tutors biology, anatomy, and physiology.

Melissa Ball

Melissa was born and raised in Tennessee, but made NYC her home after pursuing an MSc in Economics from the London School of Economics. Now a second-year graduate student in Chemistry at Columbia University, she loves infusing students with a passion for science. She has TAed several courses at Columbia, including Organic Chemistry and General Chemistry, and was awarded the Presidential Teaching Award in 2016 for her dedication to science teaching. When not thinking about science (not often!), Melissa enjoys yoga, cooking, and writing. She tutors the ACT, SAT Subjects Tests in Chemistry and Physics, and covers various academic courses.

Michael Brotzman

Michael graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a BS in Computer Science. As a computer scientist, Michael has taught computer systems and web application development, and has interned at Google as a software engineer and at Yahoo! as a scientific researcher. Otherwise he is a photographer, classical guitarist, screenwriter, and (necessarily) an avid coffee drinker. He received a research-based Master’s in Computer Science from Columbia University that focuses on Social Network Analysis. His areas of expertise include the ACT, SAT, Math SAT Subjects Tests, ISEE, SSAT, college admissions, English composition, and advanced calculus.

Ruben Savizky

A native of Buenos Aires, Ruben received a BE in Chemical Engineering from the Cooper Union and his MS and PhD in Chemistry from Yale University. He is currently an assistant professor at the Cooper Union, where he is actively involved in teaching various undergraduate chemistry courses. In addition, he has also taught courses at New York University, Columbia University, and the Mt. Sinai School of Medicine. His current research interests include bioinformatics and applications of nanotechnology to chemistry and biology. As a tutor, Ruben has helped students excel in SAT Subject Tests (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Math), AP exams (Biology, Chemistry, and Calculus) and several science classes. When he’s not talking or thinking about science and math, Ruben can be found tango dancing, exercising religiously, or karaoking in the East Village.

Sam Greenlee

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Sam attended New York University where he enjoyed many different subjects before discovering his passion for math. He finished his BA in Mathematics and is currently working on a Master’s in Statistics and Applied Math at Hunter College. Sam loves to travel, often with his bicycle in tow. After graduating from high school he set off to bike and backpack across Europe and Morocco. In his free time now he likes playing soccer and learning new languages (or at least trying). Sam tutors from basic through high-level math, and covers all standardized math tests.

Sam Peurifoy

Sam is a current PhD student in chemistry at Columbia University and holds a BS in math and chemistry from the University of Miami. He has been awarded Columbia’s departmental teaching award for his enthusiasm towards education and has TAed multiple college-level chemistry courses. His current research explores transforming cheap commercial paints into long graphene nanoribbons for use in electronics like solar cells or capacitors. When he’s not teaching or mixing up new chemistry in the lab, he can be found gaming, reading, or finding great lunch deals at fancy restaurants.

Sean Quinn

A graduate of Columbia’s MFA Writing program and a National Merit Scholar at the University of Southern California, Sean has nine years’ experience tutoring and teaching a wide range of subjects, with a heavy focus on the ACT, SAT, math, and writing. He has taught ESL and business writing in Buenos Aires (where he lived for four years) and undergraduate composition and editing in Louisiana. Beyond his deep experience working with students in New York City for test prep and academic support, Sean has worked with students online in over a dozen countries. When he’s not teaching, Sean is working on a novel about expatriate life in Argentina. He enjoys bocce, karaoke, Tyrion Lannister, and scouring the city for the best pizza and dumplings.

Zach Tomasovic

Zach graduated magna cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania with majors in History and Creative Writing. While at Penn, he wrote and performed original sketch and musical comedy with the famed Mask and Wig Club. Zach couldn’t shake his love for irreverent satire and groan-inducing puns post-college so he decided to pursue all things comedy, first in Los Angeles and now in New York. When Zach isn’t helping his students, you can find him in your local coffee shop attempting to write while the couple next to him has a really loud break-up. A lover of John Coltrane and 99 cent pizza, Zach tutors the ACT, SAT, SAT Subject Tests in US and World History, college admissions, and various academic subjects.